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Long non-coding RNA research group

4 April 2016
Conrad T., Albrecht A.-S., Costa V.R.M., Sauer S., Meierhofer D., Orom U.A.
Serial interactome capture of the human cell nucleus

21 January 2015
Vucicevic D., Corradin O., Ntini E., Scacheri P.C., Orom U.A.
Long ncRNA expression associates with tissue-specific enhancers

12 January 2015
Musahl A.S., Huang X., Rusakiewicz S., Ntini E., Marsico A., Kroemer G., Kepp O., Orom U.A.
A long non-coding RNA links calreticulin-mediated immunogenic cell removal to RB1 transcription. Oncogene.

9 October 2014
Conrad, T., Marsico, A., Gehre, M., Orom, U.A.
Microprocessor activity controls differential miRNA biogenesis in vivo.
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12 September 2013
Orom, U.A. and Shiekhattar, R.
Long noncoding RNAs usher in a new era in the biology of enhancers
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19 August 2013
Marsico A, Huska MR, Lasserre J, Hu H, Vucicevic D, Musahl A, Andersson Orom U, Vingron M
PROmiRNA: a new miRNA promoter recognition method uncovers the complex regulation of intronic miRNAs

28 February 2013
Activating RNAs associate with Mediator to enhance chromatin architecture and transcription. Nature. doi:10.1038/nature11884.
Lai, F., Orom, U.A., Cesaroni, M, Beringer, M., Taatjes, D.J., Blobel, G.A., Shiekhattar, R.

22 October 2012
Portrait of Ulf Andersson ěrom, PhD made by Deutsche Welle TV
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22 August 2012
Ulf Andersson ěrom, PhD receives the Sofja Kovalevskaja Award from the Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung.

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